Firefly Cayman Leasing

Firefly Cayman Leasing

Firefly Cayman Leasing

Worry about commitments of owning a car? Firefly Cayman's lease allows you to enjoy the luxury of driving a fully-maintained vehicle so you can save your money.

What can a Firefly Lease do for you?

  • Conserve lines of credit
  • Guarantee vehicle replacement while minimizing downtime
  • Save on high cost of vehicle maintenance
  • Classification of company car as an expense rather than an asset
  • Reduce paperwork and administrative expenses involved in vehicle ownership
  • No outdated or old vehicles and models
  • Avoid disposal costs
  • Zero risk on depreciation costs
  • Insurance coverage and environmental fees included

Throughout the lease period, Firefly Cayman undertakes full maintenance and servicing. All Insurance coverages and environmental fees are included, as we provide replacement vehicles during servicing or accident repairs, and a hassle-free service.

This offer is only available to Cayman Nationals, Permanent Residents and Work Permit Holders.

Month to Month Leasing Pricing Options Start at CI$750.00 

*All Prices are in Cayman Island Dollars*

Chevy Aveo CI$750.00
Kia Picanto CI$750.00
Hyundai Accent CI$800.00
Kia Optima CI$950.00
Hyundai Tuscon CI$1100.00
Jeep Wrangler CI$1400.00
Ford Expedition CI$1500.00
Suzuki APV  CI$750.00

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